The Truth About Internet Marketing!!

internet marketing

Internet marketing in the cold light of day, the truth! No b.s just the cold hard facts direct from a 6 figure internet guru’s mouth.

Yes he has a little rant, but be patient and he will give you PRICELESS advice, advice that will save you money, advice that will make you money, lots and lots of advice that anyone could make money from.

Go ahead an watch the video below learn and and if you don’t take action, you only have yourself to blame and frankly you’re never going to make any money internet marketing.

Keep chasing the ads that promise you the push button software that is going to make you a millionaire overnight, good luck!

Top 5 List Building Techniques Using Social Media

Social Meda List Building

List Building Using Social Media

Like anyone else I am fully aware that traffic is the life blood of any blog or website. Hence, I am always on the look out for new or improved information, in-fact I find it near irresistible not to buy ebooks, courses, and even fresh plr!

The other item that every online marketer should work on is building a list of loyal customer/subscribers.

With the massive growth in social media, traffic and list building go hand in hand. Social media is a fast moving environment if you wish to harness is potential to drive traffic and popularise your blog.

Here are a list of a few basics to get you started with social media list building.

1) Get/create something to give away or subscribe to; free downloadable ebook, software, video course, email course or even to be kept up to date with the blog itself (quality content is the key here)

2) Create a ‘Call to Action’ in your social media profile, on you page or in your post. This may seem really obvious but you would be surprised how many people don’t do it. Remember, it’s social media for socialising and sharing interesting and funny items first and foremost!

3) Build a landing page, also called a squeeze page to direct potential subscriber to. This page only needs to offer 2 options: Name and email address. Also add a some sort of sign-up/subscription form to your blog (if you have one) home page

4) Add sharing links to ALL your posts, including posts on your blog. Links or better still buttons for all the most popular social media networks will enable your readers to spread YOUR words.

5) Join groups! If you have a particular interest join a few groups of that interest and participate in the conversation share articles video clips etc. The same goes for the niche of your blog, don’t forget to add the links back to your blog.


Hackers! WordPress Security Plugin

Hackers are a serious issue for your wordpress blog, saying that; WordPress security is a serious issue and I admit I NEVER used to take seriously, until now!

Wordpress security plugin

The picture above has been copied from the dashboard of this site for a single 24 hour period, you can clearly see the number of attempts that have been made to hack into this blog.

124 attemps in 24 hours!

I hope that figure alarms you, especially if you have not got any security software or plugins for your own wordpress blogs. What I find even more alarming is the number you see is for a blog post/site that is just 1 day old!! Luckily for me the first plugin I install on any of my wordpress sites is  Wordfence.

Wordfence if a free plugin and as you can see works very well, you can install it directly from your wordpress plugin dashboard.

The second plugin I install is another security plugin called wpsiteguardian, it is not free but I urge you go click on the link (not an affiliate link) and watch the video on how easy it is to hack into a wordpress site, you will be very surprised, I certainly was.







Hi and welcome to my ‘new’ website, I felt like a bit of an update, a clear out and re-focus.

Or to be more precise, my other site is now a general site for all and sundry and the odd whinge about the world. This is more online income or for many, attempted online income, related issues, ideas, products etc etc.

I will say that I am not an internet marketing ‘guru’, just a normal everyday person who decided to get on with all things online, of which many are still in their infancy as I did not take the bull by the horns. An example of which would be my subscribers list which back in January – after about a year of not getting my teeth into it – stood at the grand total of ……… 3! Yet in the last 3 weeks I have managed to swell that number to 210.

And yes I met a few scoundrels along the way, you know the type, promise you the world take your money and that is the last time you hear from them. I plan to post all my trials and tribulations right here on this this blog, good products, poor products, good techniques, bad techniques procratination and buying to many products that just sit on my hard drive………….. whilst I go out and buy another one…….that sits on my hard drive……