Hi and welcome to my ‘new’ website, I felt like a bit of an update, a clear out and re-focus.

Or to be more precise, my other site is now a general site for all and sundry and the odd whinge about the world. This is more online income or for many, attempted online income, related issues, ideas, products etc etc.

I will say that I am not an internet marketing ‘guru’, just a normal everyday person who decided to get on with all things online, of which many are still in their infancy as I did not take the bull by the horns. An example of which would be my subscribers list which back in January – after about a year of not getting my teeth into it – stood at the grand total of ……… 3! Yet in the last 3 weeks I have managed to swell that number to 210.

And yes I met a few scoundrels along the way, you know the type, promise you the world take your money and that is the last time you hear from them. I plan to post all my trials and tribulations right here on this this blog, good products, poor products, good techniques, bad techniques procratination and buying to many products that just sit on my hard drive………….. whilst I go out and buy another one…….that sits on my hard drive……



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